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can you say all the meanings for all the songs on their most recent album?


of course music translates differently into everyones lives (which is the most incredible thing about it) but these are just bits and pieces of what they have mentioned since the release as far as what they had in mind while writing it goes xxxxx

  1. The 1975 // the intro to the album and the band
  2. The City // they don’t really know what it’s about? haha the second verse I think was written on a piece of paper matty found in his pocket one morning after a night out and he had no recollection of what it meant or why he wrote it down but it fit perfectly with the music they had for it already so yeah
  3. M.O.N.E.Y. // drugs
  4. Chocolate // smoking weed/conflicts with authority abusing their power in a small town
  5. Sex // “prudish 17 year old girls”
  6. Talk! // maybe telling someone or society that they’re loud?
  7. An Encounter // one of their awesome instrumental songs
  8. Heart Out // part of it is a what matty saw in himself like getting wrapped up in a lot of drugs and seeking out sex and stuff 
  9. Settle Down // matty and one of his ex-girlfriends dancing to michael jackson
  10. Robbers // a “toxic relationship” where both people need to let go and move on but keep finding excuses to stay together
  11. Girls // girls
  12. 12 // another awesome instrumental song
  13. She Way Out // “this song’s about girls who can’t dance very well”
  14. Menswear // a wedding
  15. Pressure // growing up with well-known parents and people always recognizing him and his family
  16. Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You // feeling guilty and sad about leaving his little brother while he is away on tour 





mary this is amazing my gosh

so cute

"I will see you again."

Good music and an empty page

"All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know."

- ― Ernest Hemingway (via psych-quotes)

(via psych-quotes)


City and Colour- Hello, I’m in Delaware

My body aches, 
and it hurts to sing, 
and no one is moving
And I wish that I weren’t here tonight, 
but this is my life.

And I will see you again
I will see you again a long time from now.

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For All Of Them ▲

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"Deconstruct me into something beautiful." #poem #poetry #photooftheday #text #art #instagood #watercolor #literature #writer